Review: Cursed


By Jennifer L. Armentrout


My thoughts(Theo): I was in this state of “just got
back from the death” because of a serious illness and I was checking my
recommendations on goodreads when this book popped out. I gave it a ‘Want to
Read’ button and moved on, but the book kept coming back in my mind. It was
hunting me and after my nearly ‘let’s meet death’ situation I wanted to read
it. So I’ve started it without further notice.

“I guess it could be worse, I admitted. If I was
going to hallucinate, then at least it was some hot dude instead of something

I was a little bit bored at first, but I blame it on my headaches and
bad-state of my body, but then I got really caught up, never letting it getting
out of view. I even got a contest with my brother, who can read more pages of a
book in 50 minutes. I won, but it was fun because I was really not ready to
give up after only fifty minutes.

<<“My lucky charm,” Mr. Theo said, leaning
back in his chair. “Not sure if it works, but I like to think it does.”>>

I loved Ember because of her name, because she kind of go herself drunk
on self-pity and ‘that was not my fault’ kind of things, something I tend to do
too. I loved her hair and her eyes and they way she kept making references at
her: ‘Death on skaters’. That one blown my mind away and kept me focusing on
the main goal: Who was the one who did that?
Sure, that stupid goal got switched behind when Hayden come into view. I
was expecting someone really handsome, smart, and hauntingly beautiful and so
on, because I got my love poured into the Lux and the Covenant series by the
same author, but Hayden? Holy-Mother-Of-God! He is good! Heck, he is

<<“Are you going to give me a hard time?” He
sighed. “Ember, if we have any hope of getting this to work, you have to do
what I say.”
 “You hope
this is going to work. Not me. I deal in reality.”>>

So the story starts with some self-pity from Ember, how she regrets her
father’s loss in a car accident and how she died, literally died, but her
little sister – Olivia – bought her back from the dead. She soon finds out that
the only one, who can stand her, besides Olivia, is Adam, her sandbox friend
since forever.
I dealt with the fact that she was dead for a split second then her
sister worked her magic on her – surprisingly I liked how Olivia kept making
demands like she was the boss somehow – I got pretty much shocked when I found
out what Emmie (this is how Olivia calls her – sweet!) can do! She can kill everything!

<<My hands clamped down on his arms as the
muscles in my stomach tensed. “What are you doing?”
“You said you trust me.”
“That was before you tried to take my clothes
off!” The moment the words left my mouth, a hot flush crept over me. Because,
really, was that what he intended? Because… because I didn’t know what to think
about that.>>

One sister brings you back from the death and the other one sends you
back! Super-fancy! I loved it!
I loved all the characters, how they fitted, how everything come to life
in simply words. I loved her progress, I loved that I was the bad guy – Mr.
Theo, but I didn’t mind. There are a lot of questions left unanswered,
questions that add up mystery, there are a lot of things I, personally, wanted
to go further on.

<<“Do you realize how weird this is? I’m the
one who could’ve seriously hurt you. You can make me dizzy and maybe,
worst-case scenario, put me in a coma for a few days. I can kill you. So who
has the bigger right to freak out here? I’d say me.”>>

I loved Emmie and Hayden because they, somehow, completed each other
right from the start and that made me happy. Made me content with the book!
So, I give 4.5 / 5 stars! You rock Jennifer!



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