Review: Seers #1


By Heather Frost


My opinion (Theo):

It was a book that caught my eyes and I am not ashamed of reading it!

I was a little sceptic at first due to the introduction, but I soon found out that my worries were not fond so that meant the world to me! I got lost pretty soon into the action and I enjoyed it as much as I can!

My heart stopped. I felt it beat feebly for the last time. Then nothing. My heart was a second ball of lead in my body—lifeless, hard. There was no air in my lungs. No life in my limbs. No thoughts left to think. Nothing… And there on the roadside, alone in the middle of a crowded battlefield, I died.

The characters were really well structured and even though I did not fell in love with Kate’s indecision and short-tempered attitude I soon realised that she is just some normal hormonal teenager that we all should pay respect to.

Kate Bennet has been more than tested by life. She survived a deadly car-accident in which she lost both her parents. She survived, but only to see that the world outside is not what it seemed to be since her birth. Because of her nearly meeting with the death she is now capable of seeing people’s auras. Their feelings transformed into colors which meaning becomes revealed to her with time and patience.

Her two twin younger sister, are more than just a two crowd of people not getting along. As Kate says they may look alike but the ‘alike’ thing stopped there! Their characters are extremely different! While one of them is a person who dreams, reads and enjoys school – like Kate and their late father – the other one is athletic and does not understands the concept of studying, reading and dreaming! I names them the two ‘Js’ because of their names: Josie and Jenna.

Kellie Pearson or Lee how she prefers / how she will be called during the novel, is someone really interesting! Apart from being Kate best friend since forever and the only other person knowing about her abilities, she is someone I really appreciate during the story! First I appreciated her for being someone as care-free as they come, not giving two coins on what people thought. Then I appreciated her for trusting her best-friend on everything she said. I don’t know how I would react if my best-friend told me that she can see my aura.

“For being an angel, you could be a bit more angelic.” “Toni, go home. Now.” “Sheesh, could you be any more boring?”


Even though Kate is not a complicated person, just some standard-high-school-person, she gets a little bit… alright, a little more of trouble in her life than any of teenagers get! And I am not only talking about her seeing auras and so on, I am talking about the fact that she is in love with her boyfriend – a normal thing to do – but she is in love with him because her late parents approved on this relationship and thought it was a healthy one. So she keeps telling herself that these feelings of love are true and sincere, but she cannot deny the immense attractions she feels towards the new student: Patrick!

She soon finds out that being someone with abilities is much more complicated than this! Lying to your only family left: her grandparents and her sister, is harder than she pictured! Also, Patrick is not only Patrick, some Ireland boy coming to her school by coincidence. He is her Guardian Angel! In this story, when you die, you do not automatically go to Heaven or Hell! If you had been someone who done only small sins you are asked a question: will you go to Heaven or become a Guardian Angel? But if you have done murders or things much more atrocious than this, you are sent to Hell where you can become a Demon.

This thing intrigued me and left me off-guarded when I finally found out that both Guardians and Demons where living among us. Kate cannot see a Guardian’s or a Demon’s aura, only silver for the first and black for the second, so she is more likely a detector to help out Guardians to find Demons and send them back where they belong.

As hardly as I could imagine, there are rules that come along with this ‘send you back’ thing, but I merely accepted them because otherwise it would have spoiled all the fun in the book. Easily getting the things, easily getting bored with them, right?

All in all, one thing leads to another, some scenes fulfill your head for the whole day, and some just make you pout more! I just loved Kate’s maturity road, becoming more submissive – in a way – coming clean about her feelings, destroying anything that shoot in her way.

“I thought maybe her looks and creepy smiles might get to you. I bet most men fall under her spell.” He laughed aloud and shook his head at me.
“Trust me—you had nothing to worry about.”
“Why not?” I asked, a bit irritated by his reaction. I thought I’d had a fair point. His lips came together, the smirk still in place. But his eyes were serious, and I hardly believed the words that came out of his mouth.
“Because I’m under another spell right now, and it’s a lot more powerful.”

The most crucial and important part, in my opinion, was that time when she fought with all her force for her family, for her little sisters, for her believes!

Patrick and Toni are her Guardians and they come in handy all the time, especially when one of them triggers some feelings that supposedly where not put in there in the first place. Yet, the feelings are there, and her heart is not only beating to meet with him is also beating when it is with him.

It’s a Hell of a journey described in this book! I recommend it! I gratefully put everyone to give it a shoot because it can, sincerely, make you give some thoughts to things you have not before!

Will Kate come clean about her feelings for Patrick? Will she let Aaron – hey boyfriend – go? Will she tell Lee everything? Will she save her little sisters? Will the Demons get her and kidnap her forever? Will the Demon Lord fulfill his wishes?

A story about life, love, right and wrong! About shiny Guardians and Black, mischievous Demons!

There weren’t words to describe how I felt about this. Throbbing heart? Absolutely. Twisting stomach? Every time I imagined his hand resting at the small of her back. Aching mind? Whenever I remembered her beautiful face, close to his in an intimate kiss. In a word, I was miserable.
Utterly, physically sick with misery.



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