Review: The Perfect Play

The PerfectPlay


by Jaci Burton



My thoughts (Theo): This was supposed to be mind-blowing.. Why did no one told me that my mind will actually be blown away?


First of all, let’s meet Mick! Successful career, football is his life and the only light on his path, he had/still has/will have all the women splattered on his arm and bed whenever he wants! I want to be this super-awesome, thirty something, football player! He’s also smart, funny and the best catch ever!


“Granted, physical attraction is what gets you in the door. But there has to be something beyond that to want to keep you there.”


But there goes Tara. She’s nice, a pro in her job, she’s planning events, talks politely, is beautiful, has manners, an amazing smile and she’s single! Any bells? That’s what I thought! So, he sets his eyes on her.


“Bastard.””You love me.””Yes, I do. Now let me come.”


Mister ‘let’s play and then go our separate ways’ wants her as his for the night. In order to put his hands on her, he has to make her trust him, make her believe and enjoy him. So he does.


He remain the last one at the party organised for him and his colleagues, party organised by Tara and tries to seduce her. And it works. She agrees to go with him in his room, to be with him for the night.


They spend an amazing night together. Raw emotions being the configuration for the best night.


“You dance really well.”
“I took ballet lessons.”
She tilted her head back to search his face, certain he was joking. “You did not.”
“I did. Several of us on the team did. Good for coordination.”
Resisting the laugh that bubbled up in her throat, she said, “Somehow I can’t picture you in tights and a tutu.”
But he did laugh. “We made sure no one with a camera got within miles of the studio.”


The only thing that scare me and Mick, is that we both are cold-blooded, yet we both craved for her more. Imagine our faces when we woke up realising she was gone! God dammit, woman!


Mick is conflicted by the fact that she left, that he was only a night-standing for her and that was not his way. I mean, that was what he was doing, not what he was being done. He actualy wished for her to be next to him the following morning.


The only option left is to track her, find her and ask her to a second date. So he does. He finds her, asks her, yet he is taken aback by her no answer. She gets set-up and so on. Until she finally meets him for a date and tells him that she has a child. An almost fifteen years old guy: Nathan.


A lot of things get to happen. Mick loves kids, Nathan loves Mick for what he is doing, since he – himself – wants to be pro in the future. They understand each other a lot. Is only Tara whom is still believing that everything is some sort of a sick joke that no-one, except she and Mick’s agent: Liz, that the two of them are actually together, f*cking each other like rabbits and starting to have feelings.


“If he licked her there, she’d rob a bank for him.
When she felt his tongue glide across her throat, she quivered all over. Mick tightensed his hold on her, and the bastard did it again.”


It gets crazy by the time they whisper their dark, dirty, big secrets that no one seemed to be aware of.


This book is crazy, insane, devastating, mind-blowing. This is pure sex-on-romance level. Loved it. Adored it. Crazy-super-awesome!


I offer this book 4 / 5 stars



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