Review: Moonsong #2

The Vampire Diaries

The Hunters Volume 2: The Moonsong



Description: Evil never dies. . . .

After escaping the horrors of the Dark Dimension, Elena and her friends can’t wait to attend Dalcrest College, the beautiful ivy-covered campus where Elena’s parents met. Life with Stefan is better than ever, and with her closest friends Bonnie, Meredith, and Matt by her side, Elena knows it will be their best year yet. Even Damon seems genuinely changed and is getting along with everyone.

But for Elena, moving away from Fell’s Church doesn’t mean she has left her dark past behind. When students start to disappear from campus, every new acquaintance is suddenly a potential enemy. Panic soon spreads and the friends struggle to protect each other.

Then Elena uncovers a long-hidden secret, one that shocks her to the core, and realizes tragedy may be unavoidable. Will Elena outrun her fate? And will it be Stefan or Damon who catches her if she falls?



My thoughts (Theo): After finishing the first volume of The Hunters that left me wanting for more, I was truly shocked and nervous the entire reading! How could she? How could they?

So, the guys: Bonnie, Matt, Stefan, Damon, Meredith and Elena have finally reached the College time. As you might recall from the precious volume, Elena was truly insecure about her feeling for Damon and Stefan. So now, she is truly ready to accept that she has feelings for Damon.

Yay! Yeah, kind of the same reaction until I’ve finished the book! It made me wanting to scratch my eyes out and never be able to read such a dark, shady, picky and egoistical Elena! We all saw the TV Serial that was and is still on [God Bless Julie Plec! I truly prefer her idea of Elena than this], and our Elena was picky, right, was shady, but at the same time was nice and beautiful, was dark, but not darker than the evil itself and God, Yes! Egoistical, but never like this!

I saw a part of Elena that made me yell from the top of my lungs and never stop! I mean come ooon!!

Anyway, she breaks up with Stefan, yet she admits that she is his soul mate, yet she kisses Damon! It does not matter; I am getting so over this scene, right now.

Back to the point, the College seems to be hunted by some evil creatures. Elena finally finds someone to talk to about her dead parents. Bonnie finds her perfect lover and Meredith still suffers from being away from her Alaric! Gosh how I miss him too! Even though the Alaric from the book is so different from the one on the TV Serial, I still remembered him and missed him lots!

Matt becomes really attached to some college girl. Everyone seems truly happy, besides Stefan and even Damon and Elena. Everyone tends to find their happiness in a way or another and it is truly surprising when they discover with what kind of a devil creature they are dealing with.

A lot of turning situations, with a lot of tears shred and people murdered. A book deserved to be read only if you do not care too much about how Elena acts.

And be aware of the next volume! Someone old and beautiful might come back. You might recall reading about him when Elena was awakening as a spirit to murder him…

I rate this book: 4 stars/5 stars!


Happy reading!!


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