Review: Amidst Traffic


These interconnected stories, and more, come together by the end. A woman covers her body in tattoos to hold on to emotions that continue to slip away. A soldier who returns home from Iraq struggles with the idea of gratitude, which, if resolved, may save his marriage. A man in a New York subway carries a knife with him for protection, but it incites paranoia in the passenger across from him.

A short-order cook at a diner digs a hole in his back yard to escape nightmares of mutilated children. A thirteen-year-old boy goes out for a joyride at night, but realizes he’s being followed. A man begins a game of watching strangers to see what it feels like to play God. A beer-buzzed construction worker who let his girlfriend slip away decides to chase down a deer one lonely night.

My thoughts (Theo): First, I would love to express my gratitude towards
Mr. Michel Sauret for letting me read & review his book, for letting me to
receive such a wonderful autographed copy that I really treasure and love!
Thank you!
When I have started to read this book I simply fell
apart! I just stood there, keeping this book in my hands and not letting it go!
I recognize that I have finished it for quite some time now, but what can I
say: it is hard to break-up with someone you really love! So, yes, I did fell
in love with this book, so hard that I barely kept myself together after
reading it!
It is one of those books that leave you with that
excruciating pleasurable pain in your soul, one of those books that make you
smile and cry altogether. Why? Well, now, it’s easy! This book holds some sort
of a secret ingredient to some ancient recipe: happiness, sadness, life…
feelings that you might have encountered yourself with but never got the
courage to analyse them. It’s sort of sad that we let so many things to pass by
and never wonder about the people that just happen to cross our life’s street.
Even though I do not have the capacity of expressing
my inner feelings right now [or – somehow – never] I felt so much during these
pages that I kind of fell for this book so bad that I still open it and read
some chapters because of their wonderful resonance into my heart.
The book is easy to read, not too complicated, not too
devastating [yeah, right! As if I believe that!], but it is nice to read while
drinking some coffee or tea, or doing whatever you want as long as your mind is
wide open, you understand the details and you connect yourself to its core!
I recommend this book to you [yup, you – the one
reading this], to my friends and especially to those ready to understand some
things that are never, actually, explained how it should.
I offer these book 4.5 stars/5 stars!
Happy reading everyone~!

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