Review: Recipe for Satisfaction

Recipe for Satisfaction

By Gina Gordon


Being the financial caretaker for her deadbeat parents isn’t the life professional organizer Sterling Andrews dreamed of. Tired of being the dependable—and boring—daughter, Sterling decides to have a little fun. And what could be more fun than seducing rich bad boy chef, Jack Vaughn? Except, after one scintillating night together, Sterling’s not only lusting for Jack, she’s working for him. And remaining professional becomes harder every day.

Already a major success thanks to his exclusive restaurants, Jack Vaughn is looking for something more. Ultra responsible Sterling is unlike anyone Jack has met…but she’s his employee. Unwilling to give her up, Jack makes Sterling an offer she can’t refuse—for four sexy weekends, he’ll indulge her most wicked fantasies with no professional strings attached. But will mixing business with pleasure spell disaster? Or will they find the recipe for satisfaction?



My thoughts (Theo): I just finished this book and all I can say is: Holly Mother of Mine!!! It was mind-blowing, extremely well written and AWESOME!

Yes, yes, you have read me right! It was an amazing book to which I pay all my respect!

Let me start with how the main character simply made me feel all her emotions as if it were mine. Starling is the woman whom you might only find at the kind of party that brings all your good manners to the surface. She seems stilled, classy and with a lot ofassets to show. She has those killer long-legs you always have fantasized about even if you are a girl. She is the beauty you want to find for every single beast you might find. She is also hard-working and always knows how to make you smile. I loved her because even though she is all those from above, she also has all the insecurities a woman has: she sees herself as any other woman, she has her own big problems and she falls for the best beast for herself.

Jack Madewood is strong, tall; sex-on-a-stick kind of guy whom might have has already slept with half the population from the globe. He is the bad-tattooed-awesome-boy you want to find for yourself, to drag you out of your shell and make you scream because of all the pleasure he can provide you with!

So, how does Starling – the shy and I’m-in-my-own-shell girl meets Jack? Oh, well it is easy. The two of them meet at the fundraising put in place by Starling and Penn [her best friend] for the foundation of the deceased mother of Jack and other three brothers [Neil, Cole and Finn]. He is feeling sad, repulsed and wanting to lose himself for a bit. She is out of her shell, ready and looking for a nightstand only.

They kind of get drawn together and then it is almost impossible to keep them apart. They never get to finish their only one nightstand due to some family problems from Starling’s parents that show at the last minute. She is forced to go back and deal with all the bulls*it they are making her go through every single time. She is now demonstrating how powerful she really is and how hard she is working for herself and her parents and two little twins.

The story keeps evolving around some sort of bet the both of them finally get to put together and from here on is all about the fantasies, dreams and beauty. They learn how to explore each other as if it is the most important thing in the world and maybe it is!

But what is going to happen when the one nightstand tens to repeat itself for more than one occasion and it ends up bringing to their casual relationship the only feeling they both might not want: love? How will things go from there? Will Miami be as beautiful as ever? Will their pasts middle in their business? Will all of them cause heart-attacks for every one?

I loved this book! I loved it from the start. The way that let me connect with the characters, the idea of such passion making my skin crawl! Loved it!

I am recommending it to any one! Ready or not this book will smash you world upside-down making you believe in everything you might have thought might be just a lie.

Thank you Mrs. Gordon for letting me read one of your most amazing books and for sending me an e-copy! Truly loved it!

I offer this book: 4.5 stars / 5 stars!

Happy readying everyone~!

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