Review: I hate you… I think by Anne Davis


I Hate You…I Think


Everlyn Fox has just started college, a new start out of her rough home life. What she doesn’t know is that she’s about to get twisted up into a world of gangs, illegal street racing, bloody brawling and her temperamental but caring English Professor, Oliver Wolfe. Will he be able to protect her from his arch rival Jason Martin who seems hell bend on revenge?

What I thought (Theo~):
I’ve started this book because I was
finding this story quite interesting, but it happened not to be as interesting
as I was expected it to be!
First of all, I would like to
mention that this book needs a beta-reader ASAP! The mistakes are so evident
sometimes that I just couldn’t continue anymore! Please correct the mistakes! Even
though English is not my first language I was able to spot the mistakes easily!
I know it is hard, but at least ask someone!
The characters:
I’ve liked them, not as much I was expecting to, but they were nice. Oliver is
true to his heart, sincere and always making fun, but loyal and caring. I did
not liked his easiness of saying ‘I love you’s since he is a guy and a though
one, moreover a gang leader. But it was nice to see him getting annoyed by the
little thing that he constantly found himself drawn to.
Everlyn, shortly Ever, is a nice
girl. Actually she’s super strong when she wants to and she can run her mouth
like a sailor sometimes, but she is agreeable and cute. I’ve liked her.
The other characters have a nice way
of completing the story and that’s actually sweet and nice!
What I did not like was the action.
Ever tends to be the target of all the bad things. She is constantly hurt physically
or emotionally, that at some point I just couldn’t take it anymore. Without this,
the book is quite nice to be read on a sunny afternoon when you don’t have
anything else to do.
I believe that the second book will
be better and the action won’t finish so abruptly! It simply left my mouth hanging
and I couldn’t do anything about it! Where is the next one? You cannot do this
to me!
About the book:
Everything is about Everlyn, a nice
young adult; she’s nineteen and in her first year of college. She is smart and
living on her own. Her father died when she was young and her mother found her
refugee in a lot of alcoholic drinks. She left home and found herself a nice
apartment where she is living on her own because her best friend – Kimmy – got
a scholarship that lets her stay in the dorms.
She was just dancing in a club, when
some guy starts to dance with her. Their connection is so strong and abrupt
that she almost does not want to leave the club before she registers his name:
Oliver. The second day and the day of her first classes, she is at the coffee
shop ordering when a nice guy almost fells right beside her. She is helping him
and they automatically feel like they saw each other somewhere but couldn’t
remember where.
When she is leaving and starting to
head to the class, the rain starts and her converses are really slippery, so
she fells when she enters the hallway that leads to her class. The only one who
sees her is the guy that almost fell at the coffee shop. And – her teacher, above everything else!
They meet again at the club; they
start to fell for each other, sort of, and from here on everything becomes a
ride against the clock! I don’t know why I’ve felt this way, but I definitely felt
the rush in the words.
I hope this book gets the mistakes
corrected and the second book comes out sooner!
My rating:

Happy readying~




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