Review: Real by Katy Evans


By Katy Evans

My thoughts (Theo):

Oh. MY. God! This was simply insane! Abso-fuckin-amazing! It was intense, deep and something you will not easily forget! This story made my days! It was one of those books that you sincerely wished not to be finished by the end of the night or by the end of the day! One of those books that keep your attention until the very end!

It was something easy to read, yet fantastic and beautifully written.

The characters:

RIPTIDE or Remington Tate is one of the most famous underground kick-boxing players you’ve ever met. He is tall, all muscle, broad and has the bluest eyes you’ve ever seen. His personality is one that challenges you, motivates you, keeps you going and never gives up. He is training hard and daily to maintain his mass of muscles, but also to remain the best player out there. He is in a tight competition with the one called Benny the Black Scorpion.

Brooke Dumas is one of the athletes that lost their dream to an injury. When she reached the Olympics she broke her knee. On her second attempt she did the same thing. After years and long days of rehab for her knee injury and also for her mind, she finally found herself something to do. She found the ability to keep close to the sports she once was practicing by being able to ease the pain after a long day of trainings only with her hands.

The action:

Everything starts with Brooke and her best friend Melanie at an underground match where Mel is hoping to meet the legendary Remington so she could rock his world. But the unthinking happens as Remington is getting on the stage and he locks his eyes with the conservative, yet beautiful Brooke. She is taken aback by his beauty even though she is not even thinking of letting herself be his.

But when Remington Tate aka Riptide is KO-ing someone for you, jump after you and kiss you in front of the whole eyes in that room you tend to be simply falling for the man.

Then they leave. Him: with her name and number. Her: only with his hot kiss and his name.

But then, everything starts to fall into place. She receives an invitation for four in the first row at one of his next battles. The night ends with her ready to give herself to him for a one-night-stand, but then again, he just needs to surprise us all. He is asking her if she wants to be his personal trainer. And she accepts. She decides that good money and a god life are much more important than screwing your life forever after a one-night-stand.

But when Remy is the one with the dark secrets, the dark alter-ego and the dark masculinity that surrounds him, you just tend to become Remy’s #1 Bitch! And she is so ready to get there that the frustration is almost taking over you! The reader becomes sexually frustrated because of Riptide! The reader wants him so bad that the pages are no longer being read one by one, but piece by piece in a time you could only lift a finger.

Do not count that after all this frustration, after all these building feelings and after every single piece of breath that was spent readying, understanding and believing you get to finally see them together! You finally put them together, because you are that awesome, author! You are!

But! Yes, of course there is a ‘but’! Remy is not innocent, Remy is still dark, still unpredictable, still ready to destroy everything for the woman he… feels something for. He plays her songs because this is his way of saying ‘I feel you’, because that is the way of telling someone you believe them, you understand them. And they feel for each other a lot of things.

“Mel, I feel bad as it is. Please. People who do what he does for a living are considered lethal weapons. They can’t legally fight out of the ring, do you understand?”

But bad things tend to happen to those not ready to see them. And when a long-time-no-see sister turns out to be closer than she thought, Brooke is not ready to make a final decision. Brooke is not ready to sacrifice everything for the love of the only man she ever loved. Because Brooke is too selfish and too in love with him. I am going with both, because she is a strong and powerful character and she is trying her best to be ‘un-bipolar’!

“Brooke, he’ll have my head if something goes wrong, and I’m a little bit too attached to it, you understand.”

I recommend this book to everyone ready to understand a complicated mind. For everyone who never thought that fights could be cool and hot! God, did I mentioned HOT? I recommend it to you, you and you! Feel free to walk on this path built only for the strongest!


My rating: 5/5 stars


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