Review: Christmas Dinner by Robyn Neeley

Review: Christmas Dinner by Robyn Neeley


Christmas Dinner


by Robyn Neeley 



News anchor Amanda Turner used to love everything about the holidays—the eggnog sugar cookies, the tacky family Christmas sweaters, and a lawn decorated with so many multi-colored lights that 747s could land safely. That is until her boyfriend dumped her in front of the whole town on Christmas Eve. Humiliated, she fled her small town to start a new life. Two years later, she’s finally ready to return to the scene of the emotional crime, until she learns that her ex is engaged. Now, the only thing worse than going home is going home single.

Tate Ryan, her tall, dark, and arrogant co-anchor, offers to pose as her boyfriend. There’s one problem, though: they barely like each other, and he recently scooped her story on live TV. But she needs a ride home and a boyfriend fast, so Tate will have to do.

As she watches Tate interact with her family and town residents, fully embracing the spirit of the holiday season, she starts to see his kindhearted side. She can’t help but wonder if she was wrong about him. Perhaps he isn’t the conniving co-worker that she once thought. And her new feelings for him would definitely put her on the naughty list.

Tate has his own agenda for the weekend that includes telling Amanda he’s been in love with her since the first time they met. He’s ready to reveal all during Christmas dinner but fate has other plans.

I have had received an e-copy from the author in exchange for an honest review!


My thoughts (Theo~):  I’ve loved the actions and the characters from this book so much! And it remembered me why I love Christmas so much [and not only because it is my birthday two days earlier], but because everyone get to their warmer side, and finally understand the idea of giving and not only taking. I love this about Christmas, and this novel did nothing but to emphasize with me.

Amanda is your nice and beautiful anchor at a TV station, one that does not believe in Christmas anymore because of an unhappy event that led to her hatred towards Christmas two years ago. Not long ago she was ready to get engaged on the beautiful day that Christmas represented for her and she was almost too happy, that was why life decided to punch her in the face and actually get dumped in front of her whole life.

So, she decides to leave the small beautiful town and finds herself to a whole new other level. The only thing that keeps her from not being so happy here is her co-anchor Tate Ryan. He is charming, charismatic and strong; every single woman out there in her right mind will jump him, but not her. Why? Because he always gets the worst out of her and she is so ready to kill him every single time that she almost cannot control herself. But when an unfortunate car accident happens she is forced to stop lying to her parents and say that she is still bringing her boyfriend home. The problem? She does not have a boyfriend so everything gets complicated.

But then again life has its own way of messing with you and Tate Ryan offers himself to come with her and pose as his beautiful and smart boyfriend. She accepts, but all of discouraging things happen to make her understand what a bad-bad idea that was. But they still go through with the lie, and sooner than later they discover themselves.

The past comes to meet the light of the day and everything is even more complicated. Will they love conquer everything? Will everything change? How about her family?

  •  [+] Pluses: Loved the way she deals with her former boyfriend and her future fiancee.
  • Also loved how she and Tate get to know each other


  • [-] Minuses: The way everything happened so fast.




Happy readying everyone~!


My rating: 4/5 stars


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