Review: Romance Impossible by Melanie Marchande

Romance Impossible

by Melanie Marchande 
One man. One woman. One restaurant. A stormy temper, and a grudge that’s been years in the making. It’s the perfect recipe for Romance: Impossible.

But add a little heat, and anything can happen…

Jillian Brown needs a job. Chef Maxwell Dylan needs an employee who can put up with him. And for some reason, the notorious celebrity chef has his sights set on her. It’s a match made in the deepest fires of hell, but Jillian’s desperate, and righteous indignation doesn’t pay the bills.

Chef Dylan doesn’t seem to remember their chance encounter years ago, when he embarrassed Jillian in front of a restaurant full of customers. And Jillian – well, she’s willing to put the memory behind her, in the name of a steady paycheck.

But things get complicated. Tempers flare, verbal sparring soon gives way to a grudging mutual respect – and feelings that the once-bitten, twice-shy Jillian isn’t ready for. Especially not with a man like Chef Dylan. But with flames licking higher, can Jillian resist the temptation? More importantly, does she really want to?


Expected publication: February 25th 2014




I have had received an eARC copy of this book from the author in exchange of a honest review. Thank you.


My thoughts (Theo):

When it comes to cooking you need and beautiful chefs you must read this book! But you also need to read it because of the action and the characters that are amazingly interacting between them!

Everything starts with Jill being a second-chef at a sort-of important restaurant, but the budget is running low and sometimes people can tell the difference between fresh food and frozen one even though the chef is still as amazing as ever.

This is what happens to Jill. She is ready to make the best meal ever using frozen fish, but she is not prepared for the grand Chef Dylan Maxwell to show up at the restaurant and murder her career with a few words and glances at her. She is also not prepared for the humiliation and the fact that she is supposed to remain as calm as ever. But the unthinkable happens the chef gets up and leaves her and the food right there; a few months pass and the restaurant are closing.

Jill is affected by the closing, but she soon finds another job to take on, but she is shocked to find out that the new job will be ending soon too because of the soon to be closed restaurant. So now she starts to jump from restaurant to restaurant and every time she makes it to a stable job, the restaurants get closed.

Until one day when the Grand Chef Dylan is back in town and preparing to open a new restaurant in Boston and he needs a Chef for his restaurant. Chance or fate brings Jillian’s CV to his attention and he remembers the mistake that he has done a few years ago. That means that he has to hire her.

Then a lot of things happen. Jill gets onto Dylan’s hair every single time. Dylan is almost chocking her every time she speaks. But, most importantly? They are so close of killing each other that you start laughing so hard that you are sure you will be going to never stop.

The characters

Jillian is your strong, stubborn to the hell and back type of woman, but she is also very obsessed that her work is properly done and ready to make everyone see through the appearances!

Dylan is you asshole type of boss/friend. He is always annoying the shit out of me as a reader or of Jill, but this is what makes him… well, him.


I recommend this book to anyone ready to have a good laugh or to anyone ready to see a story of love that is not happening right away. For love to conquer all it needs time.


My rating: 4.5 / 5 stars


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