Blog Tour: Review: The REASON Series Complete Collection by Zoey Derrick

Blog Tour: Review: The REASON Series Complete Collection by Zoey Derrick

The REASON Series Complete Collection
by Zoey Derrick


The REASON Series
The Complete Collection

All four books in Zoey Derrick’s
Best-Selling Paranormal Romance
Give Me Reason
Give Me Hope
Give Me Desire
Give Me Love

Vivienne Callahan has known only hardship. As if growing up with an alcoholic, drug addicted mother wasn’t traumatic enough, she’s escaped from her physically and verbally abusive boyfriend only to struggle every day to make ends meet as a waitress in a Minneapolis diner.

Along comes Mikah Blake….




The reason series


My thoughts (Theo):


This book will blow your mind! I had the chance of readying the first novel free on Amazon a while back, and then I haven’t even thought about it and bought the second one. I was hocked from the very first beginning. And then I got the opportunity to sign up for the blog tour for this series: bonus? It contained the entire four books in only one book! Hell yeah, I’ve totally said yes!

The characters:

Vivienne Callahan is strong, super strong. Recovering from an abusive relationship and hiding a pregnancy is never easy. She got beaten up last time by her former boyfriend Riley – so bad that she can still feel the numbness. But she got away. If not for her then for the baby she is caring with the monster. And now she is recovering, in a shitty apartment, with a shitty job, but she gets to survive and make everything go a little bit better.

Mikah Blake – God forbid I actually melt writing this because I am so not going to make it! – He is HOT! Like super hot and extremely good looking. Or not. He is actually the CEO of the biggest firm out there and he is bad boy type. Real bad type, but one day he gets this pull to follow his heart, like when you wake up in the morning and you know you have to take one specific bus because you just have to – it was like fate was trying to make him see what he is missing. And boy was he missing!

The action:

Vivienne is recovering now, but she still trembles when a man touches her, she still wants to crawl away in a hole and never face real world. But she has to. She must to, if not for her then for the sweet unborn child she is caring and protecting in her womb. But one day, at the shitty pub she is working a handsome man appears. She is frightened by his look, mostly because he oozes confidence and strong will, and she basically is afraid of every single man out there. *side note: thank you Riley! I hope you rot well in that hell hole!*

But the stranger does not want her to suffer. He just feels this chemical attraction to her, this pull to never let her out of his sight. So he comes again, and again. Always leaving a good tip and not always eating everything he is ordering. Until one day when he leaves too much! And Viv is just too good to let that slip away and count on his bad mathematics. So she waits again for him to return, and when he does not she pursues him. She goes to his work place and finds him almost immediate, as if that would be hard *grinning*. But she soon has her morning sickness all over again and he is more scared than ever. But not because of her being pregnant, but of her being sick and him not knowing what happens.

This is all the start. They go to the hospital, he insists on taking care of her, she fights, he loses – sort of – she wins – sort of, and they get their special fairy tale… wait. No! That is so not what happens! They do both get back their lives, but when Mikah finds out about what he is… well, yeah… he truly is an angel in disguise! Mikah finds out that he is an angel and he is not happy about it, but if that means that he get to protect Vivienne who is he to protest? Things get chaotic, people get beaten up, a lot of blood is lost, a lot of people get found and a lot die.

This is not your sweet romantic story. No way, this is about fighting life, fighting destiny, fighting evil and discovering who you truly are. Everything is based on a sweet, innocent and extremely well-written love story, but if you just read under the lines for a while you can see that this story holds more than love, this story holds a way of telling you to protect what is yours no matter what, this story teaches you to protect what you have until you have it. This story is basically teaching you life.

I loved the characters so much that along the way I was already feeling like I was one of them. Some sort of omniscient – present narrator, who cared what I was, the idea was that I was blending right though the words, like I was meant to be there, like I was just filming a movie ready to get to life.

I recommend this book for millions and millions of reasons, but I wish you will read it and tell me what you thought about it!

Happy readying everyone!


My rating: 5 / 5 stars


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