Review: The Pretend Girlfriend: A Billionaire Love Story by Lucy Lambert

22555471The Pretend Girlfriend: A Billionaire Love Story
If you’d have told me a week ago that I’d be a billionaire’s property…

Confident. Brilliant. Rich. Devastatingly handsome. Aiden Manning seemed to have it all. As naïve as I was, when he seemed interested in me, I fell head over heels immediately.

But Aiden Manning’s life held a dark side, one that he needed to hide at any cost. That’s where I would come in. My trusting nature had caused me to owe money to the wrong people, and Aiden was right there and ready to help, if only I’d help him out as well. Just one signature on a piece of paper, and suddenly I was bound to him. The ground rules I had laid out at the beginning quickly melted away, and I found myself being drawn deeper and deeper into Aiden’s life.

However, someone couldn’t handle that. An even more powerful figure in Aiden’s life would stop at nothing to break the two of us apart. It soon became clear that I might have to sacrifice everything I had to keep the two of us together.

The real question was: How long could I pretend?




My thoughts (Theo):


I got this book free on Amazon. As excited as I was about it [I love free books] I’ve been left disappointed at the end of the book.

Gwen is nice, nicely written. Sometimes she steps out of hand, but all in all she’s someone you like to read about, even though sometimes you just want to kill her and keep your smile on.

But when I think about Aiden! Such a great, amazing name, yet such a shallow character. He does not have anything. He wants to play the role of the leading male, the alpha dude that has everything he wants, yet he’s like the little scared mouse that is afraid the masters will walk back home.

Even Gwen has more character than he does. He’s always saying <<‘Oh..’>>, what is that even supposed to mean? Just that? And he’s always led to the obvious truth by Gwen. He’s so childish and always saying that ‘I don’t like you, please go away, but I want you to be my pretended girlfriend even though I definitely don’t like you.’

He was supposed to be something else, yet he become something else but that. He’s having a major role in this book, yet his presence is barely felt. I think I’ve got more vibes from Henry than from Aiden, for G’s Sake!

I give it three stars because B made me laugh so hard. I give it three stars because anyone could be in Gwen’s situation and not have that much luck.

Happy reading everyone!


My rating: 3 buterflies

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