Review: Love is a Fire (Burning Lovesick, #1) by Lyssa Layne


Love is a Fire (Burning Lovesick, #1)

“Love is a fire. But whether it is going to warm your heart or burn your house down, you can never tell.” -Joan Crawford

Dr. Katy Malone has sworn off love after losing those she loves most in her life including her father, a member of the FDNY. She has decided to spend her time focusing on her medical research. Her ex-fiancée, and fellow doctor, isn’t ready to give up on loving her though.

Firefighter Nick Garrity is on a search for the future Mrs. Garrity. As he pushes thirty, with no prospects in sight, he’s afraid he’ll never find her. A devoted member of FDNY, he loves the thrill of his job and the satisfaction it brings him. He strives to teach the proby firefighter, Patrick Doyle, the ropes and pass on his passion to him.

When Doyle tries to impress the guys on the crew, he ends up in the care of Dr. Katy Malone. One look at Dr. Malone and Nick knows he’s found his future wife but can he convince her to love again?



I have had received an e-copy of this book from the author in exchange of a honest review


My thoughts (Theo):

I would like to start this review by saying that I just liked the fact that the main character was a doctor! I am studying right now to get into the medical school and this read was just what I was seeking. The hard work of a doctor and the way a doctor truly thinks sometimes, it was well written and just made me smile once in a while.

This story is not heart breaking, it is just pure, sweet, fast, romance. The kind you find while not expecting at all. The kind that you sworn off years ago when someone just passed away because of it. Katy – the doctor – has just broke an engagement of almost a decade with one of her fellow doctor and is not ready, nor prepared to start another love story. Even though the engagement was broke almost an year ago, she does not want to find love again, because she feels incapable of loving someone again.

But that changes when she meets this handsome, incredibly cute and gorgeous piece of man: Nick. Nick is straightforward, knowing what he wants from life: a wife, kids, a house and to just settle down with his right woman. He always tried to found the one, but without any luck so far. He always got hurt int he process. Either cheated on or left there hanging. But now he is sure he found the one for him: the beautiful, smart, interesting doctor.

The story is fast developing and always making your mind go ahead or get left behind because you think that someone might want to slow that guy down. But in the end everything makes sense and you just smile because another love found its way home.

Even though Katy doesn’t want to get involved with the mysterious firefighter, she finds herself drawn to him and not ready to let this one chance pass up on her. That doesn’t happen and they do get their stormy story together.

All in all, it was an interesting read and I recommend it. What I didn’t like though, was not the fast style, but the fact that Nick seemed a little bit obsessed with the fact that she was working out to maintain her weight. I have nothing against skinny or hard-working people, but for a man to point that out several times as a motive for her being the one I found it a little bit disturbing. I got the fact that he knew what he wanted and so on, but I also couldn’t shake the feeling that he was not supposed to point that out every chance he got.

Happy readying everyone!


My rating: 4fb0e-3-5

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