Just a Misunderstanding

Rezumat: A two chapters one-shot on Damon and Elena, need I say more?

About the author:

Hi, my name is Bianca, but my friends call me Bibi. I’m originally from Romania, moved to Canada 4 years ago .I’m currently living in Montreal.

I’m a declared Vampire Diaries fanatic. I love Damon and Elena together. Why? Just coz…

I’m 21 years old and a law student. When life sucks (which happens a lot) I escape inside my imagination. I guess my friends will tell you, that I’m the popular girl type, always in a middle of a crowd. But when I come home I transform into a geek, always with a pen in her hand, always a book on my bedside-table…

I love writing because of the freedom that comes with it. It’s yours, so it will happen the way you want it to happen, the characters will be the way you want them to be and they will do what you want them to do, you get to create your own world…What more can you ask for?!

I love my brother most than anything in the whole world; I love animals, sports cars, Chinese food, pineapple, cheese, chocolate, Christmas and Ian Somerhalder.

I couldn’t live without: my family, ink and paper, best friend, music and of course, pineapple.

I hate people that pretend they’re something they’re not; I hate opera, peanut-butter, people telling me how to live my life and racism.

Qualities: multitasking, good friend, fast learner, communications skills …

Defaults : lack of patience, gets bored quickly, lazy, and egoist (a bit)…

Statement: English is my 3th language so you might find errors in my stories; I apologize in advance for that! I’m just human, humans make mistakes…

I totally hate when someone reviews my story with “your story sucks” or something like that and not tell me why! If you took the time to tell me is not good you might as well tell me what’s wrong with it! Don’t get me wrong, I absolutely love reviews and I don’t exaggerate when I say they make my day and I prefer a criticism than nothing. Conclusion: Please review! J

I’m also willing to help others, so if you’re on writers block or need a second opinion or an advice, whatever you can always send me an email! Vampire Diaries stories…

Enough about me; read the stories coz that’s what this is all about! Enjoy!

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